Learning To Self-care: Show Yourself Some Love.

"The most important relationship is the one you have with yourself." Diane Von Fursten.

In part three of our series, we're bringing you a few more of our self-care practices for a healthier and happier you!

1.Buy yourself flowers: Freshly cut flowers seem to have the magical power not only to transform a room into a mini-paradise, but also to put an instant smile on the face of anyone who receives them. A bouquet denotes love and appreciation, so why not show yourself a little sweetness now and then? The best thing is, you don't even need a special occasion!

2.Show Up To Your Relationships:

There is no substitute for a true friend.

It's all too easy to become reliant on social media for checking in on our friends, however, as handy as it is for keeping superficial tabs on the people we love, the cyber-world is certainly no substitute for a meaningful chat shared over a meal or a cuppa. Face to face encounters with our buddies can strengthen ties and enrich our lives. After all, they’re the ones who’ve lived through it all, from your best stories to your biggest heartbreaks, and of course, you know and have been around for theirs.

As we've mentioned in part two of this series there are moments when solitude is a meditational activity and this can be beneficial, but there are also those periods when we just can't, don't want to, or simply shouldn’t go it alone. Spells of sadness i.e. the breakdown of relationships and while experiencing feelings of grief are but a couple of these times. Then of course there are the joyous occasions we may need and feel we deserve to share, such as our personal victories and special anniversaries.

Celebrate self-care with your friends:

  • Enrol in a class together: From taking an exercise class, to having baking lessons there's so many to choose from.

  • Go on a culture date: Visit a museum, whether it's a fashion exhibition or viewing Egyptian art, sharing our learning experiences can be a fantastic way to bond, while helping us to expand our vision of the world, together!

  • Start a group blog: Explore your common interests or build something on your differences. Whether it's a travel feed, all about make-up application, shared parenting tips or interior design, why not try collaborating? Exchanging ideas and opinions while working on a shared project can be such a fun way to spend time and gives you an excuse for regular meet ups!

3. Positive affirmations...everyday!

Believe in you.

Remind yourself how wonderful you are with daily affirmations to build self-love and self-acceptance. Try repeating these frequently and daily until they become part of your routine:

  • I forgive myself for yesterday.

  • I accept myself as I am.

  • I believe in myself.

  • I am proud of the person I have become.

  • I will be present in my own life story.

  • I will bend as I wasn't born to break.

  • I deserve to be happy and I deserve peace.

  • I am living, I am learning and with this I am growing into the best version of myself.

4.Take yourself on a date:

Date night.

Most people's lives are built around compromise so naturally, there are those occasions when we desperately need time out alone to do something we really want to do. Many of us feel guilty about this, and again if you've read previous posts in this series then you'll understand that only by taking time out for you can you recharge, reboot and thereby present the best version of yourself to the world.

During the busiest and most stressful periods of my life, I've learnt to place this me time at the top of my monthly must-do list. It's become my favourite way of giving myself a little breathing space as well as a pat on the back for my hard work. I admit it helps me to regain some perspective when stressed and it does feels great! Give it a go! Whether it's during that hour straight after work, normally spent sitting in traffic, after the supermarket sweep on a Saturday morning or the next time you pass that new vegan restaurant or cute café. Pop in and top up on some well-deserved you time!

Look after yourself,


Glitter XXX

With Thanks: Photographer: Yutinip. Model: Ayatita.

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