Let's Celebrate:Sunrise Disco Yoga Flow!

If you're anything like me, you've gotten way too comfortable on that sofa this lockdown, and perhaps, also like me, with the summer months approaching and the possibility of a holiday (or at least a trip to the nearest beach) you might be looking for the motivation to kick-start your fitness journey.

Recently, I came across an Instagram post for Morning Gloryville, Sunrise Disco Yoga Flow and immediately I just knew it was the one! Now available as a live class via Zoom, this has become one of the hottest trends to hit fitness this year. Existing devotees amongst my friends are many, so I was already curious about joining, and I have to admit the positive reports are true, it’s fab! Disco Yoga will elevate your mood, while you stretch and dance yourself to a happier more joyous mindset.

The Lowdown:

So how does this work you may ask?

Surely Yoga and Disco are polar opposites?

Well, you'd imagine so, but by combining dynamic sequences with Vinyasa flow yoga and glitter it becomes the perfect

blend for an hour of fun!

Uplifting and upbeat, you can stretch, jump it out and shake off those lockdown blues and then chill it all down before the class ends with some stretches, breathing exercises and guided meditation, all geared towards helping you to feel more energised, rejuvenated and invigorated.

Further Benefits of Disco Yoga:

  • Increased flexibility.

  • Improved muscle tone.

  • Increased body confidence.

  • Improved sleeping patterns.

  • Better stress management (let's boost those endorphins).

  • You can socialise (guilt free) with those outside your bubble!

  • Helps you to glow, glow, glow.

  • It makes your soul smile!

What should I wear?

Sparkles are optional, a smile however, is a must!

Feel free to glam it up and don some shimmer, shine and sequins. Renowned for my love of all things glitzy, getting ready for my class, is in itself, my perfect mood-lifter! (After all, Glitter by name, glitter by nature).

Bling not your thing? No problem, pop the joggers and a T-shirt on and just be ready to boogie!

Your Instructor:

Meet Polly Griffiths:

Polly, is an experienced Yoga Instructor.

Qualified to teach all levels, and styles ranging from dynamic to restorative.

She is trained in Hot Yoga and follows the B C Ghosh lineage"a methodology which is rooted in healing, and focuses on developing strength, health and functionality in body and stillness in the mind" and this is certainly reflected in her approachable, welcoming and calm demeanour.

So, people, join the party! Get your Hustle on, channel your inner Dancing Queen, and get groovin' to some brill sounds from 70s / 80s disco (oh and Polly has even been known to pop the odd rave track in there too).

Book online:

  • Sign up via www.morninggloryville.com (Next class: 8am, 26 March).

  • Then download Zoom (free) onto your chosen device.

  • Then wait for www.morninggloryville.com to send you the link to your class.( Remember to save this contact to your Safe Sender List or check your Junk Mail).

And now the very serious bit:

  • If you have an underlying health condition, disability, injury or you are pregnant, please consult a medical professional before embarking on any new form of exercise program.

  • Should you feel any discomfort during your class, please tell your Instructor.

Already tried it? Love it? Well, remember sharing is caring, so why not show some love and invite your Bestie?


Glitter XXX

Photo Credits: Polly Griffiths.

Catch her updates, follow Polly Yoga on Instagram: pollyvgriffiths

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