New Year's Resolutions, And So The Adventure Begins!

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

New Year's Eve, a day seemingly invested with mythical, transformational properties. We can, as if by magic, close an imaginary door to the past, or like a traveller who stops for a breather at a crossroads, we can pause momentarily and choose which path to take to continue our journey. Caught up in the euphoria of New Year's Eve we look back at our lives and pick out everything that dissatisfies us, then fuelled by renewed hope and optimism, we look forward as we leave one year and step into a bright and wonderful future.

Yes. it's that time again!

Reality Check!

Which is all very lovely until you consider that according to Strava, the social media fitness app for athletes, it’s estimated that for a good too many of us the new year's resolutions begin to bite the proverbial dust as early on as January 12!

So as loathed as we are to burst your bubble, action is needed! Without further delay here are some of the Glitter Gang's trusty tips to help you fail proof your new year resolutions and prevent both you and them from becoming just more statistics on what is now known by many as the infamous "National Quitters Day!"

When choosing the resolution for you consider the following:

  • Change for you: When your inner critic starts talking and you hear a voice whispering "I should do this" or "I ought to be that" pause for a moment and ask yourself the million dollar question "is this my perspective or someone else's?" Too often the answer is the latter in which case it may be time to take a little distance and ask yourself what you really want.

  • I am good enough: Yes, you are! Make those words your mantra to be passionately repeated on a daily basis, and above all believe them. As many of us know, this is easier said than done, especially when we're feeling sensitive about something. At these times in particular it's as if our inner self-edit facility filters out the positives and funnels through only that on which our inner insecurities feed. If you're trying to build a positive future on a basis of self-loathing, fuelled by external pressure and recrimination, then be sure, it'll be an uphill battle. To combat this, instead of telling yourself how "awful" you are, start by reminding yourself of your qualities.

Love yourself!
  • Share your resolution: Don't allow yourself to become disillusioned by false starts. No man (or woman) is an island. Get support from those you trust. Tell your nearest and dearest about your goals and ask them to help you maintain focus and give them permission (ahead of time) to pull you up when you stumble.

  • Chart and celebrate your progress: Create your own personal reward system. The frequency of your rewards is something you can work out and change over time, but firstly you need to decide what your treat will be. Perhaps you might gift yourself that new lippy, or a book you've been dying to read, whatever it is, make sure it's special and super motivating for you! Personally, I've always found the best type of reward is the kind that doesn't involve any repetition of the old behaviour you're trying to change as it can be counter-productive. For instance, if you're a chocoholic and you're trying to curb that sweet tooth then don't reward yourself with a sugar-filled treat, the reason being that unless you’re incredibly self-disciplined you might find it hard to "get back on the wagon" so to speak.

If it makes you happy, we like that!
  • Likewise if you're trying to sort out your finances don't choose a treat that involves blowing huge amounts of cash and makes a serious dent in your bank account! It sounds so obvious and yet you'd be surprised how many of us, while weaning ourselves off old habits go on to self-sabotage while implementing a reward system. Think about it, if you still continue to drip feed yourself that fix of whatever it is you're trying to change or leave behind, inevitably in the long-term, it'll be a harder and slower process to move forward.

  • Look for inspiration: Create a vision board. Pin images, articles and quotes that inspire you. So you don't have time to cut out and paste to an actual board? Then choose a "virtual" option. Pinterest is a seemingly bottomless treasure trove of stunning piccies to download, copy, and move around as you search for inspiration. In addition you can build your own boards chronicling and sharing your progress as your goals change.

  • Be your own cheerleader: In this hugely competitive world, where we’re surrounded by images of others as they share seemingly perfect, albeit beautifully curated versions of their lives on social media, we can often neglect to celebrate the little things. Of course, there may be varying reasons for this, some have a preference for privacy, shying away from attention, while others never feel their victories are impressive enough to disclose, and of course, regrettably, there are still those who live in a culture where it can be frowned upon to speak out or even " shameful" to reveal too much about personal battles and triumphs. If you find yourself falling into any of these categories we hear you and please never forget, not all progress is photographable and our less than picture perfect moments can and often do go on to be the highlights in the book of memories that will one day be our lives.

2020 we're coming for you!

Good luck and of course, Happy New Year!

See you on the other side,


Glitter XXX

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