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Wading through the make-up bag...I'm in the midst of spring cleaning! Ok, I know it's only February and the big freeze is still officially on, but every once in a while I look at my collection and feel that if buff, sharpen and prettify the contents enough, then somehow I'll not only look better but in addition, all will be bright, shiny and right with my world.

Yes, it's one of my many quirks, and not only mine guessing by the country's current obsession with all things to do with decluttering. Streamlining the contents of our make-up bags, organising our dressing table and sorting out our undies seems to be a bit of a national obsession at the moment, and we have to admit that I, like many of you, am becoming addicted to the logic in this trend!

Pucker- Up!

So, this leads me to why we are actually here. Well, over the next few weeks, as one item from the bag hits the proverbial dust, I'll be adding a newbie! Furthermore, I'll be reviewing my purchases and keeping you all up to date with their performance and the 'keepers!'

Now, obviously, I can't speak for the experience of all women who use the products I try, as age and skin type are only two of the factors that may influence my feedback. That is why sometimes we'll invite guest bloggers to give us their views and we hope that you, the reader will let us know your opinions too.

Oh Heavenly Lashes!


To curl or not to curl? Whether you are a lover of the au-natural look or prefer a little more impact, most of us girls agree that we all look a better with a little lush on those lashes. A long term devotee to my eye lash curler, I have however, occasionally ventured into the world of LVL (semi-permanent eye-lash curling) and eyelash extensions.

Now for those of you who are unfamiliar with LVL let's tell you a little bit more! This treatment has been around for sometime now and is becoming increasingly popular with those who prefer to enhance rather than mimic what Mother Nature gave them, as it involves giving your existing, natural lashes a semi-permanent lift. I have seen some stunning results where the lashes have lifted beautifully, opening up and framing the eye to create a doe-eyed, natural effect. My own personal experience of this treatment has been mixed, partly due to the fact that my eye lashes are incredibly difficult to curl. They are thick, reasonably long and don't always respond to the process as expected. In my defence, I prep them well, removing all traces of mascara with an oil free cleanser, but 2 out of 5 times my results haven't been great and I've left the salon disappointed and poorer! As I look around at friends who've had it done and been thrilled with the results, I've come to the conclusion that sadly, LVL just isn't for me.

So instead, when I do need a little boost, I've come to favour corner lash extensions as I find it's easier to predict and achieve the effect I want. Finding a reputable salon is key, and in my experience there's nothing like a good old personal recommendation to point us in the right direction, as in the hands of the right therapist stunning results can be achieved but in the hands of the wrong person, we risk lash damage, loss or even infection.

With all these points in mind, three weeks ago I visited Lavender Holistic Therapy in Cambridge and I met with my therapist Shonie for a mini consultation about the looks she could achieve for me. After completing her health questionnaire and an allergy test where she applied some of the glue to my skin to see if there would be any adverse reaction, I provisionally booked, left and waited 48 hours for my appointment. I eagerly returned two days later! Now like most women I know, I feel extremely exposed without a trace of Touche Éclat or Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away Concealer, but I did brave it so Shonie could get a clear idea of my natural eye shape and wouldn't be hindered by any make-up.

Where would we be without Concealer?

I'd previously told Shonie I was a fan of the cat eye, a la Audrey Hepburn, and she agreed that with my particular eye shape, the classic Hollywood eye would be the best option for me. In addition we decided that we'd opt for a reasonably natural look using individual lashes in a match to my own.

Individual lashes are added to complement.

Rather than going for corner lashes as originally planned, we opted for a full set and although the thought of this initially scared me, as I had visions of emerging from the treatment room looking like Bambi, I was so reassured by the patience and professionalism demonstrated by Shonie, I soon realised I was in safe hands.

Lashes added for impact.

After care.

At the end of the treatment I was presented with some freebies, a little brush to preen my new babies to perfection and an applicator for my much loved liquid eyeliner. I was instructed to regularly comb through my new lashes with the little brush to keep them sleek and pointing in the right direction.

I was also advised not to get my new lashes wet for 24 hours, so for the first evening therefore, make-up was a big no-no. Once I could apply it, I needed to use an oil-free remover, as anything else can breakdown the glue and result in lash loss. I was reminded that the lashes, although secure, are extremely delicate, do not rub, pull and under no circumstance attempt to remove by myself, as any of these acts can be extremely damaging to the natural lashes.

I did my research and Nouveau Lashes Eye Make-up Remover is my new favourite eye make-up remover and is available on-line. In addition, I've discovered that if you must wear a mascara then you should use one without oil Wunder 2 is just lush and also available on line.

So you can see, the longevity of the extensions can very much depend on you. My lashes are expected to last 3-4 weeks before my next meeting with Shonie where we'll decide how to move forward.

Would I do it again?

The perfect finish, with or without make up.

I love my lashes and when I'm looking for a little extra ooomph for my look, or for beach holidays where my make up is minimal, I'd certainly recommend them. For continual use without a break? Well, I'd say that's really down to individual choice and of course you should follow the recommendations and discretion of your therapist who will always check the condition of your lashes prior to infills.

Any beauty tips you'd like to share? Let us know! We'd love to hear from you!


Glitter XXX

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